How to End Insomnia Naturally for People with Depression (and Anxiety)

Does your mind spin and won’t shut down whenever you try to sleep?

In Melbourne, many people struggle to sleep.

No matter what they try, how many times they adjust their pillow, try lying on the other side or counting breaths, their mind is still spinning.

They check the clock. It’s 2 am. And they check again. It’s 2:01 am.

Then the next day they wake up feeling awful and try their best to cope with everything that gets thrown at them during the day.

Jobs. Kids. Relationship. Decisions. And emotions.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Yesterday, I had a private consultation with someone here in Melbourne who is also struggling to sleep. She works in administration and has a couple of young teenagers.

Here’s a small part of our conversation:


“Whenever I go to sleep, my mind just won’t shut down, and during the day, I feel anxious all the time and sometimes I can’t even face doing the dishes. It’s such a simple task”.

Me: “How long has this been going on?”

“It has been getting worse over the last 6 months, but it’s been there for a few years. I have depression but the anxiety I also have is getting worse, I’m just not functioning the way I used to.”

Me: “What have you tried to fix it?”

”I’ve tried seeing a counsellor, used antidepressants and have tried listening to music, going for walks….”

Me: “Have any of those helped?”

“Well it’s made a bit of difference, but the problem is still there. I only get a long sleep with a sleeping tablet, but wake up feeling washed out and if I don’t have a tablet my mind is racing all the time, I don’t sleep, I feel anxious and then I’m exhausted all the next day.”

I hear situations like this all the time.

Most people who have anxiety, depression or insomnia have tried different methods to find the solution, but their problems keep coming back again and again.


This is because the methods they’ve tried don’t deal with the underlying issues that are actually causing the problems.

This is similar to mowing your lawn.

It looks good for a day after you mow it, but the lawn keeps growing and looks bad again a few days later.

Do you see the problem?

If you’ve tried counselling, used medications or other methods, yet you’re still struggling to sleep, feeling anxious or depressed, this is because you’re making 1 or more of these 3 major mistakes:


Mistake #1: They try to ‘numb’ or ‘mask’ their feelings

Drugs can suppress the intensity of the anxiety or depression, so they feel ok for a bit i.e. ‘having a good day’, but they need to keep adjusting the drugs to try to get more ‘good days’ without too many side effects.

If they rely on drugs to help them sleep, they’re just putting on band-aid after band-aid over the wound.

This is definitely not a long-term solution to end insomnia.


Mistake #2: They’re trying to distract themselves

Listening to music, eating, drinking, going for a walk or having a massage can distract their attention for a while, but as soon as the distraction stops, the symptoms return and they return to their original state.


Mistake #3: They’re training the WRONG muscle

They might have tried meditation or going to see a counsellor. And yet, even after a few times, they’re still not seeing any long-lasting benefits.

This is because they’re ‘training the wrong muscle’.

What does that mean?

You and I can go to the gym everyday, but that doesn’t mean we are going to be perfectly fit.

This is because we need to know exactly what exercise we should be doing, the frequency, intensity and time, in order to get the body we want.

If we’re just walking on the treadmill for 20 minutes, even if we do it everyday, we are still not going to get the six-pack we want.

And this is the same with meditation.

If they don’t have a clear plan on what and HOW to do their meditation, they won’t get the results that they want, no matter how hard or how many times they try.

No one should suffer from insomnia, anxiety or depression.

After helping many people in Melbourne to end insomnia, anxiety and depression, I know there’s a far more effective way to do this.

A method which I call – the Discover and Release Method.

The Discover and Release Method is a 3-step process that is customised to help you uncover the unpleasant emotions inside you, to let them go and to let your mind go quiet whenever you want it to, so you can fall asleep in bed at night and wake up everyday with the energy you had when you were young.

How has insomnia been affecting your energy and emotions?

What if you could go to bed and fall straight to sleep every night?

How much more can you get done, when you have the energy you need throughout the whole day?

How much more focused would you be?

What if you could end insomnia and get your sleep back?

Is it time to end your sleepless nights?

If insomnia, anxiety or depression has been robbing you or your loved one’s life, I want to invite to have a chat together on a call and you can get a clear plan on what will be the best for your situation.

No one should suffer from insomnia, anxiety or depression.

If you’re in a discovery mindset and you’ve been exploring ways that will truly be helpful, this will not disappoint you.

Click here now to find a spot and get a clear plan that will make a difference.


See what people in Melbourne are saying:

“I’ve been struggling to enjoy my current relationship and family life – it’s been one struggle after another. For me it was unexpected clearly, that a ton of grief came out and I am so glad it did….I’ve been in this state for years. ”

– A. W.

“For over a third of my life, I’ve suffered from anxiety and no matter what I tried, none of it worked, it was just getting worse and I felt distressed and unhappy – you were my last option.  You honestly have no idea how grateful I am for you showing me this path and technique which has become part of who I am. My journey is heading in the right direction.. from the bottom of my heart .. thank you”.

– A. H


“After a childhood living with emotional and physical abuse, I have lived most of my adult life in survival mode. I’ve gone from one unhappy relationship to another and my body has almost always been in pain. I feel incredibly grateful for your help in turning my life around Michael…Driving away yesterday the enormity of realising how much of my life I have sat in unhappiness was unbelievable. You are a gift Michael and I sincerely and wholeheartedly thank you”.

– K. V


Author: Michael Paterson

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  • Dean

    I really sleep thru the night.. Recently I ended up in a psyc ward due to lack of sleep and Eatting meth that I thought was MDMA . my mental health is still not where it should be due to not being able to sleep through out the night and become fully rested. I feel like not to much is wrong in my Life, I make good money. But I am slowly destroying my person realationships as I am not well, tho I seem well. But I don’t like to spend money.

  • Lesley

    I need to escape this anxiety but always find depression

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